Can she do it?

>> Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Violet is a paci addict!! You know I didn't even introduce it to her until she was a year old and the only reason that I did was that she was still nursing and using me as a paci all.night.long! It was crazy and I was sooo tired so I thought that it was a good idea. Well, I was right she LOVED it but she would take it out and still nurse throughout the night. I have thought about taking it away these past (almost) 2 years but something always comes up and let's face it sometimes us parents just go with the "easy button". Lately I have started to notice that it is affecting her teeth which bothers me so we are going to try and get rid of it starting with her nap today. I am all about the reward system b/c quite frankly it works on our girls. Violet's reward for becoming a paci free girl? The most awesome Tinkerbell party that I can put together. We have a few mini rewards happening too though for instance today she gets to pick a piece of Halloween candy if she makes it through her nap. I will probably dig out some stickers if she can do tonight but after the first few days it is back to the big prize of the party. Lesson learned - Ruby doesn't get one :)

This was out front this morning and I interrupted their play. I was trying to get the front yard that Matt planted. I can't believe how nice our yard looks now - next up Christmas decorations :)


Kimberly Tuesday, November 17, 2009  

Oh gosh, my Bryce was a paci addict too. You should totally go back and read all the crap that we went through. LOL!

pacifier wars

I hope Violet lets it go more easily. And with such great incentives, she may well do that! :)

Staci A Wednesday, November 18, 2009  

Adorable pic! Good luck giving up the paci. I had my own little addict too. We gave them away to all the baby bunnies at Easter. Sounds a little crazy, but it worked!

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