>> Tuesday, November 10, 2009

*Yawn*, I'm bored. There is a basement that needs cleaning out but I just don't feel like doing it. It's raining today. We have to run out to the store for toilet paper. Hubs likes to tell me when there isn't a scrap left in the house. If I can get motivated to do my chores maybe I will dig out that sewing machine - the cleaning out of the basement will always be last on my list. Oh wait I do want to say how excited I am that my friend is having a baby girl! That is going to be such a spoiled little girl :) We love little girls here at the zoo :)

So Piper is 4 1/2 and starting to want to give up her afternoon nap. I know, I know I am lucky that we have gone this long but mama would like it if they continued a little bit longer. I finally have all 3 napping around the same time. Did I mention it is raining? We can't get outside to wear them out so that doesn't help my cause any. Just sleep child.

Enough ramble. I have laundry piling up to my waist - think I am kidding? Oh, and I have a basement to clean :(


Mrs. Stam Tuesday, November 10, 2009  

Rain does affect all of us! BTW look at those eyes!!!!Beautiful!!!!

Kimberly Tuesday, November 10, 2009  

You have such a way with capturing the focus so precisely on the eyes. Beautiful, simply beautiful!

And I hear you about the rain. It's still drizzling here and there is nothing I'd like to do better than take a nap right now. Yawn. :)

Staci A Tuesday, November 10, 2009  

I have a garage calling my name to be cleaned, and I'm trying to ignore it too.

And you are definitely lucky on the naps! Mine gave them up at 2 and never looked back.

Beautiful photo!

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