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>> Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My post yesterday was about boredom. Ida came and hit us with some incredible rain and wind these past 2 days. Today while the children napped (instead of cleaning) I surfed. I don't do this as much anymore b/c well, I am busy. What did I find? I found this incredible blog Everyday Chaos. While checking out her mad sewing skills I found a gem. A site that will let you create your own font from your handwriting. What! Immediately I shared with hubs who shared with the others in his office who all got fonts before me :) Here is mine!

I am so going to use this for something, I don't know what yet, but something. If you are forever looking for that PERFECT font (like me *blush*) create your own at Font Capure!


Mrs. Stam Wednesday, November 11, 2009  


Kimberly Wednesday, November 11, 2009  

That is just the coolest thing ever. (And of course I'm working on my font now, because I can't control myself you know.) LOL!

Muthering Heights Wednesday, November 11, 2009  

That is so neat!!

Sadly for me, I have terrible handwriting! LOL!

KarieK Thursday, November 12, 2009  

How awesome! You could do shirts for the kids, cards, endless possibilities. Glad you weren't pounded too hard by Ida.

Bridget Monday, November 16, 2009  

Your font looks awesome! Since I already made my font 3 times, every family member that visits my house has to make one... I make them do it but I'm sure they'll thank me later. It's just too cool not to do!

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