Project 366 - Week 9

>> Sunday, March 11, 2012


I painted their nails. Ruby's nails were dry before I let her get up but she was so protective of them so that they wouldn't get ruined. I laughed at her all day!


What she chooses as pajamas. Tonight it was a frilly black skirt. Picking my battles I allowed her to fall asleep in it but took it off her when she was soundly out. I like the skirt too much to let her maybe ruin it in a night of tossing and turning :)


The cold hit us again. Everyone was sort of getting used to the warm weather and *bam* we woke up to 30 degrees. What?


Baby girl and the catfish. Both smiling pretty for the camera.

Almost got a full week of Ruby but I only took a few pictures on Thursday so here is my 68/366

Baby girl.

Sigh. Can you almost smell the sweet toddler goodness. I thanked God today, again, for my children. It was just the baby and I running errands on Friday. We got dog food and spent some time checking out the ferrets, guinea pigs, and birds. Then we went and got a pretzel. I turned around at a stop sign and Ruby looked up at me eating her pretzel and gave me the sweetest smile and said "Love you mama". My heart sang and broke all at the same time. I will hold these moments close. Next year she will go off to preschool and it will just be me. That makes me very sad.

*sniff sniff*


Buckeroomama Monday, March 12, 2012  

Those "Love you , mama" moments from out of the blue really make your heart stop and send up a prayer of thanks! Sweet, sweet Ruby. :)

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