Ruby's Elmo Party

>> Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Ruby turned 3 on Friday. 3! She still loves Elmo. It's kind of funny because none of my other girls really cared for the character but she loves him! Loves him! So when she told me she wanted Elmo cupcakes for her party I headed to Pinterest to find some inspiration.

Elmo is normally more boyish but I wanted bright colors so I started with the invites. I made simple ones in Photoshop and I think that they turned out nice. I want a cricut. I don't have the money for a cricut. It is on my forever growing wishlist.


We borrowed a cupcake stand from a friend and I spray painted it hot pink and glued some ribbon on the edges for a very bright girlie feel. It was the leaning cupcake tower but would you expect anything else at our house? Piper had fallen over it and almost busted it a few days earlier. Left feet run in our family :)

Elmo tower (1 of 1)

Ruby wanted Elmo cupcakes so Elmo cupcakes were what she got. I have made these before but used icing for the mouth instead of Oreos. I had Oreos and used them this time around. Of course I ate the middles. They were double stuffed after all :)

cupcake (1 of 1)

For the food I did rainbow fruit kabobs, goldfish, pb&j "Dorothy" sandwiches for the kiddos, chicken salad sandwiches for the adults, cheese & crackers, and finally Frito salad. I thought it looked very nice. My girlfriend had the pom poms from her daughter's party a few weeks back and since I was planning on making them asked her if I could have hers when she was done. Less work equals happy Jessie. The banner came from Target and matched perfectly to our theme!

table (1 of 1)

When she first walked in and saw everything decorated she said "Wow". It is then that all the hard work is just worth it. We sang. She blew out her candles perfectly one at a time :)

birthday candles (1 of 1)

Then they ate! I warned guests that to have their kiddos wear play clothes because red cupcakes were being served.

eat (1 of 1)

Saturday at 3am our area got nailed with a really, really bad hail storm. Not us though, we didn't get any and were only maybe 1-2 miles away. Our home got some earlier in the day but not much. Check out the eastern side of town. This photo was taken by Triple Cross Ranch. That is all hail! WOW!

March hail storm

Then there is the rain to talk about. Forecast was for rain all day. I was stressed. 9 kids in our little house. What were we to do? Didn't have to worry, it ended up cool and sunny in the afternoon. Yay! So we fished. Baby girl was tired can you tell? She was a good sport though.

ruby fish (1 of 1)

Guess who was the only one to catch a fish?

piper fish (1 of 1)

Our resident fishing expert Piper. Now that I feel more comfortable with Ruby by the lake I will take them down there more this summer. They loved it! What else is there to do on a cold March day in NC?

piper jump (1 of 1)

What? Yep, almost the whole party of kids jumped in to swim. Not the adults though, we aren't crazy that water is still cold! Marley even got some more water time. We finally let her swim again on Friday. It was a long winter for her :)

marley swim (1 of 1)

It was tiring, a lot of work, but once everyone got here I think it was one of my most favorite parties yet. Little in size but big in fun!


Michelle G Monday, March 26, 2012  

Cute Cute! Looks like a great time was had by all!
My Malachi LOVES LOVES "melmo!"
now I'm gonna have cup-cake cravings! :)

Anonymous Monday, March 26, 2012  

It looks like it was a perfect party and lots of fun!

Jenny Monday, March 26, 2012  

Love those cupcakes. go you!

Happy Birthday to Ruby!

Buckeroomama Wednesday, March 28, 2012  

Would you look at that! You've outdone yourself, J... the cupcakes look fab and I'm pretty sure little Ruby felt so special that day! :)

Patrice Friday, March 30, 2012  

What a great party!

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