Project 366 - Week 11

>> Sunday, March 25, 2012


Whenever our Piperoni sees a dandelion that she could blow she picks it. The other day she was coming down our driveway from the bus and picked 3 dandelions. I was thinking to myself what a sweet girl she wants to share them with her sisters. Ha, fat chance! She blew them before she got in the house and then hid the evidence.


Spring + New Belgium = Yum! I love sitting outside on our deck at night. Some nights, like this one, our neighbor across the cove hangs outside on his deck playing his guitar. Classic rock. Brings me back to my teens/early 20's again. It's nice :)

Our girls are his groupies. He's only like 15 :)


I debated posting this one because they are posing but I asked them to "Strike a Pose" and this is what I got. Swim suits, beach wear, and tights. These girls know how to put together fancy dancing outfits :)


Wednesday was a tough day for me and I thought that I would be homebound on Thursday and Friday so the girls and I headed out to get some things for Ruby's party. When I walked into TJ Maxx and saw this "walking" skirt I knew I had to have it! How stinking cute is this? My girls think it is the fanciest thing I own. They might just be right. Sad.


Did you know that a 6 pack of Bud or Miller cans is $5.99? Since I don't drink it I couldn't justify spending that kind of money. Thus, Diet Coke butt chickens. I don't drink Diet Coke either but it has a better chance of getting used in our house than Bud or Miller. Matt says I have turned into a beer snob lol :) Perhaps.


Happy Birthday Ruby!!! Dinner was at Red Robin *eyeroll* My children have been picking Red Robin as their birthday meal of choice since Piper was 3. Now we go for everyone's birthday :) Do you sense my excitement? Or Matt's?

Ah hair done.

I got my hair done! I love getting my hair done :) It makes me feel 10 pounds lighter. How I wish that were actually true! A cut and color were due and I am glad I took the time.

Dresslers for MY birthday!  Halibut=Y.U.M!

Then Martha asked if Matt and I wanted to go out for supper and she would watch the girls! I have a zillion things to do for Ruby's party but a few hours at a grown up restaurant - ok! I had halibut. I love halibut. Especially Dressler's halibut. If I don't go out again until next year I will be satisfied just because of dinner on Saturday night. Plus I got to wear my new (to me) shoes that I got at Goodwill a few weeks back.

And then I looked around and all the girls were wearing wedges lol :)


Jenny Sunday, March 25, 2012  

What's a walking skirt?

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