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>> Friday, December 23, 2011

I sit just 3 days before Christmas with many things left to get on my list. Presents are not that important but I like for each family member to have at least 1. Yes I would be speaking of the husband who still has nothing from the girls. Ugh.

not a single present that I have purchased is wrapped. What is happening to me?

a friend has to ask you to come over to decorate gingerbread houses. Obviously at the rate I am going this would have never been done otherwise :)
(Right to Left Piper, Violet, & Ruby)


the laundry has been sitting all week and I have not visited it one time. Thank goodness for my addiction love of Goodwill so that we are able to get through times like this and still have clean clothes to wear.

our tree sat with just lights and tinsel for 2 weeks with the boxes of ornaments sitting next to it. Finally the girls took matters into their own hands. The result is beautiful.

Now don't be jealous

it is 6 days before your daughter's birthday party and you haven't sent out a single invite. They sit there staring at you in an envelope but the thought of looking up addresses is too much for me right now. Hello evite!

you don't send out Christmas cards. This year is the first year in probably 10 years I haven't sent them out. I tried. The girls tried. It just wasn't in any of us. Here is my make shift attempt for this post to try and redeem my slacker ways.



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