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>> Saturday, December 10, 2011

I am recovering from a horrible bug this Saturday morning but I am up and eating again which is good. From about 3pm on Thursday until this morning I was barely able to make it off the couch function. Wow. Glad those kinds of sickies only happen once ever couple years (or so). Fingers crossed that baby of mine doesn't get it next. Still a busy week though and here is proof.

Girls and I went and saw the big guy at Bass Pro Shops. They love visiting with Santa and Bass gives you a free picture. There was no line so we walked right up. Sweet!

Bass Pro Shops Santa Rocks!

and you can't get much sweeter than this

RuRu w/Santa

Afterwards we went to Razoo's. I love Razoo's. They have a dish called Shrimp en Brochette which is jalapeno stuffed shrimped wrapped in bacon and grilled. Served over dirty rice with a creamy butter sauce to dip. Um Yum! Sorry for no picture but it was gone before I thought of it. I indulge at Razoo's. It has a cajun mardi gras feel to it thus the chandelier.

Shrimp en Brochette at #Razoos YUM!

Sunday mornings I sit with my coffee, coupons, papers, and list to find out the deals for the week. I also had some Candy Cane Jo Jo's but shh don't tell the girls their mama gets to eat cookies for breakfast.

Sunday morning

Our tree. Sad. Hubs loves it. "I like the shape, the size, it is just perfect." One year I will get a real tree again. One year.

Sad little tree

We're Team Edward at The Zoo!

Team Edward

Look at that laugh! Dare you not to smile when you see that!

Oh that laugh!

I also downloaded Hipstamatic this week so I have been playing a little bit with that. The last pic and the tree were both shot using that app.


Stacie Saturday, December 10, 2011  

I will not that that "don't smile" dare because I did even before I read the caption.

What adorable shots. Your kids are precious.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph Tuesday, December 13, 2011  

Hope you're feeling better! That last photo is awesome. :)


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