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>> Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My 2 year old knows how to unlock my (new) iPhone and play Angry Birds. There is also a little zoo game on there that she refers to as "Moo" that she loves to play. I have put a rule in place that she can play them at the kitchen table after I found my phone in our oldest daughter's closet. I never thought that I would be a parent who let her kid play with a phone but here I am. Another "I will never" crossed off the old mommy list.

It is rainy here and dark here today and as I was sitting next to her watching her explode pigs I thought of the iheartfaces challenge. So, I am titling this Angry Birds :)

Angry Birds


Rachelle Tuesday, December 06, 2011  

I totally agree on the "I never-s" :-)
I like the bokeh :-)

lsquare Tuesday, December 06, 2011  

You can almost see the concentration in those cute little feet!

Ashley Sisk Tuesday, December 06, 2011  

Really love the processing.

Vivian Tuesday, December 06, 2011  

I never dared confessing my two year old does the same thing. How did they figure it out? and they do it so naturally? We were at church and I let her play angry birds or otherwise there would have been a melt down. I used to say never: "never at church"

Buckeroomama Wednesday, December 07, 2011  

Hahaha! I kind of believe that the Angry Birds go "Psst!" to our kids and just like that, they're hooked! My kids are definitely wwwwwaaaayyyyy better at the Angry Birds games than I am. :(

Ann Wednesday, December 07, 2011  

Love the perspective and the way her toes are curled. Too cute.

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