Insta-Friday 12.2.11

>> Friday, December 2, 2011

What a crazy week. We spent Thanksgiving back in Ohio visiting Matt's family. It was nice but I came back home with laundry and a house that smells like animal. I realize that we have 3 dogs and a cat but I don't want our home to smell like it. Suggestions? Here is my week in iPhone pics from the last week.

Is there anything better than a 7 layer salad? I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Keep it coming!

7 layers and counting

Our 6 pack enjoying a cup of marshmallows with some hot cocoa :)
The 6 pack enjoying their hot cocoa

I guess it was NoShaveNovember here at The Zoo. Not sure why he didn't hunt but it will be gone soon enough as MustShaveDecember is now here lol :)

Must be #noshavenovember at the zoo too lol

This baby of mine is the most comical at night when she is the only one up. Cracks me up! Seriously wish the world could see what I see ♥
Another late night lol

Finally, Jack has returned. Jack is an antique elf sent to us by grandma years ago. Always a hit when he makes his appearance. It is our Violetta that normally finds him each morning. In fact, she found him the first morning. In the dark! She is an eagle eye that one is!
Well hello Jack!

life rearranged


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