Annual Zoo Trip 2011 - with Instagram

>> Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This year we went with some friends to the zoo instead of with Daddy. Why you ask? He went hog hunting. Yep, I actually said hog hunting. I am quite sure there will be a post about that sometime soon :) Anyway it was a beautiful day in South Carolina and all the girls enjoyed themselves very much.

I have to mention that when we first got there and saw the birds Ruby ran back to the stroller and grabbed my iPhone. Unlocked it. Got it turned on to the camera. Then proceeded to snap pictures of the macaws, vultures, and owls. Here is one of my favorites.

Photography be Rhubarb

There is a fox that lives in our hood. For reals. Violet is petrified of it and afraid that one day it will unlock our door and come in. She wasn't afraid of this fox though and thankfully it was the only one at the zoo. I am not sure baby girl could have handled seeing a real one behind glass or not.

Not afraid of this fox

You would have thought this was the first time that we went to Riverbanks Zoo. I remembered a lot of things except cash. Miss Martha came through and paid for a train ride. Their own mama would never open her wallet for train ride. I know I am cheap right? So here is Ruby's first official train ride. Thanks Miss Martha.

1st train ride

Finally loving on a lion.

Lion love

What a fun day and tradition!


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