A Sunday Drive

>> Friday, April 15, 2011

Sunday was our 7th anniversary. Don't even get me started on how it should be our like 12th but...

When Matt and I first started getting together we would drive. We loved it. When we moved to NC we would take *sometimes* an entire day and just explore. Since kids you know that isn't possible. With three 5 and under anyway. Sunday we took a ride and everyone enjoyed it. Matt wanted to go to a friends house about 30 minutes from ours and all we knew was his family had land and cows. Unfortunately the cows were in a pasture a few acres over so we didn't see them but we enjoyed tromping around his land anyway. Look at how they are all walking the EXACT same way! I love it!

girls hiking

Check out this fungus. I had to snap a picture of it because I thought it was very cool. Nature is beautiful.



Susan Friday, April 15, 2011  

Wow, great textured fungus! I'm surprised at all of the colors!

I love your walking shot as well. It's just priceless.

Jessaca Friday, April 15, 2011  

Love the first photo!! Interesting fungus.

Tara Saturday, April 16, 2011  

wow, that is really neat. I never saw the red before! Great capture and I love the first shot also!

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