Here fishy fishy

>> Friday, April 22, 2011

I started to take pictures of peeps.

Peep Peep

Then Ruby started eating them. I asked to take a picture with both younger girls and they smiled. Woo hoo. My aperture was wrong and Violet was blurry. It was f5 so I thought it was enough. Nope.

Smile ladies!

I asked them to be fish. Violet just learned to suck in her cheeks. Doesn't she look thrilled. Ruby looks like she is looking for a kiss. Alright I can do that ♥

here fishy


Candy Howard Friday, April 22, 2011  

Too, too cute! Can't believe how big they are!

Unknown Friday, April 22, 2011  

Gotta love Peeps!

Tara Friday, April 22, 2011  

They are just too cute!!! Love the fishy/kissy faces! Love your peep capture!

Ashley Sisk Friday, April 22, 2011  

That last shot/shots is classic.

Carrie Friday, April 22, 2011  

Your pictures are totally cute! I was trying to capture Peeps, but had the hardest time! I might try to re-create your shot :)

Linda Friday, April 22, 2011  

what great shots!! Happy Easter...

Christa Cox Friday, April 22, 2011  

how cute are these pics

Gina Kleinworth Friday, April 22, 2011  

So So cute- & LOVING the peeps!

Jeska Saturday, April 23, 2011  

Love peeps!

And the girls are too cute :)

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