52 Weeks of Me - In Motion (16/52)

>> Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good Morning! This weeks theme was In Motion. My intent was a snazzy roller skating shot like in Understanding Exposure or some cool shot of me twirling. I used to be very good at it back in the day. What do you get? Me walking. You know what they say about best laid plans :) One thing I will say about this shot though. I need new shoes! These Birks are probably 12 years old. Every year I say I am going to be more hip and every year I wear my Birkenstocks. I know they are not cool but it is all I know and when I see my foot in some cute little sandal I think it looks weird. Help! Since you are at it "Step away from the hippie skirts as well Jessie!"


Cara and I could use just a few more ideas to get us through the year. Don't forget to add your shot to the flicker pool. Next week will be Multiple Exposure.


Corey~living and loving Sunday, April 17, 2011  

I like this shot. It is a fun angle. great perspective. :)

Cara Monday, April 18, 2011  

I love that you are wearing corduroys with the sandals. I too wanted to do some type of running, twirling shot but had a tough time with the timer and time for that matter. Now that I think of it a Hula Hop shot would have been fun, you know what they say about hindsight.

Jen Monday, April 18, 2011  

I can totally relate to your shoe issue. I have had the same flip flops for 6 years. They mold perfectly to my feet. I can bring myself to get rid of them.

I bet you look fabulous in your birks and hippie skirts. : )

Chelsey - The Paper Mama Monday, April 18, 2011  

I've been so behind on linking up! This week for sure! Love the shot! Great angle!

Lisa Noel Monday, April 18, 2011  

very cute!!!

Joey Lynn Resciniti Monday, April 18, 2011  

Those look so comfy. I'm all about comfort, so I'm jealous!

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