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>> Tuesday, December 29, 2009

for her birthday! Violet is the last birthday of all her friends so she has had to go through probably 8 parties waiting (im)patiently for hers to come and FINALLY it is almost here! We were invited to a playdate today but I had to decline b/c the girls are all still sick. I sure hope that they are over it before Violet's party on Sunday. Today I decided to tackle a few things around the house. I am washing my kitchen floors and stuffing gift bags. You know you can't do too much before hand when you have 3 little mess makers around. I can clean their playroom but it will be trashed before bedtime again. We already took down all Christmas stuff inside the house but will leave the outdoor lights up until next week. I love those! I love having my tree up longer but there are going to be a bunch of people here and our little house can use all the room we have.

Anyway, I have to take advantage of baby Ruby sleeping and start stuffing. Maybe I will get these 2 sweeties to help me. Without bribes though it is unlikely :)

Here is a picture that the girls took of their dolls on Christmas night (ish). They were using the remote control to do them and thought they were pretty darned cool. Most of Violet's babes were resting on her bed. This is Taylor Swift and a loaner babe, Sally. Grandma lent it to her on our last visit to Ohio. Also shown are Kit (Piper's gift from Santa) and Lilo. The animals pictured are Coconut the dog and Licorice the cat given to them from Matt and I. We figured that their dolls needed pets too right?


Kimberly Wednesday, December 30, 2009  

Waiting through all those birthday parties must be torture! But yay that her big day is finally here. I hope she has an amazing birthday!

Kimberly Wednesday, December 30, 2009  

Oh, and I love the cuddly photo. Such sweetness between those two!

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