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>> Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am so not a computer person but I wish I was. I am not a photographer but again, wish I was. Put that all together and you've got yourself a mama who has no clue but still blogs and posts pictures of her kiddos as often as I can :) This year one of my goals is to learn my camera and take better pictures. After trying to update the look on our blog yesterday I am adding a little bit of education on html so that I can figure out how to get my archives and about me to show back up on my sidebar :) For that matter I would love to get my buttons back over there too but even after spending waaayyyy too long last night after the family went to bed on it I still couldn't figure it out. So, I will try tonight to maybe get buttons and archives on the bottom until a light bulb goes off in my brain. Most people don't need to know all about my musical likes and dislikes anyway so I probably don't actually need an about me section :) I am still stumped by my photo processing b/c my Photoshop isn't the best so I can't get my pictures to look like I want them too - I will be working on a new header over the next few weeks (children willing) too :) Now, off to take down the Christmas tree :)


Mrs. Stam Tuesday, January 06, 2009  

I wish the same wish as you do!!! in 2009 we might have our wishes come true!

Sounds like a fairy tales LOL

Andrea Tuesday, January 06, 2009  

This looks awesome...where did you find out how to do this all? Did you find a great website or something that gives you all the tips because I am SO lost when it comes to blog if you did find a place with good info. could you pass it along? ;) And good luck with your sidebar!!

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