First time away

>> Monday, January 5, 2009

We were invited to a wedding this past weekend but were not able to take our girls with us. I went back and forth but knew that this was a once in a lifetime event (for me) and b/c good friends volunteered to watch the girls I felt more comfortable leaving them. The emotions that I went through though were crazy, it wasn't even that I thought anything would happen I just felt that I was missing out on what they were doing. I cried on the car ride to the airport and thought of them all the time we were there. What were they doing? Playing like crazy girls and probably not even thinking about us :) Piper barely spoke to me when I called to say goodnight and Violet was too busy eating her mac and cheese to pay any mind to the phone. At least I know that they can handle it if we had to leave but I don't see anymore trips in my distant future - too hard on mama :) 29 hours was enough! My husband and I did have a fabulous time and it was really good for us to get out and have some fun together. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was very nice, we will always have great memories from the weekend. I got the chance to spend time with people that I don't ever get to see anymore but will always be dear to me. If you glance at this thank you so much for watching the girls Leslie - you are a special friend.

No cameras were allowed at the wedding but b/c it is so rare that we ever dress up and go anywhere we propped up our little p&s and took a quick picture of us before we left :)


Mrs. Stam Monday, January 05, 2009  

Leaving the kiddos behind is so hard!!! I had to be separated from Rebekah for 2 weeks when I was in the hospital delivering Sarah and it was the worse

I never want to be part from her like this ever (until she get married at least LOL)

Mrs. Stam Tuesday, January 06, 2009  

Wow love the new look Mama

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