The Girl's Room - Night 1

>> Sunday, January 18, 2009

(Saturday) - I was trying to get the perfect red icing for Violet's cake (the big red car) so Matt put the girls down for the 1st time in their room. Violet came out saying she wanted back in our room b/c she just didn't like that room and all I could hear from Piper was crying that she didn't want to stay in there. After listening to them for a few minutes I relieved Matt of his duties and went and laid down with both of them in the new room. They finally settled down after I made some promises about today.
1. They could have an oatmeal bar for breakfast rather than their oatmeal (as I type this they are telling me that they are hungry so we will eat breakfast 2x today but oh well).
2. We could break out the new stamps that we bought the other day and play with them after breakfast. Piper is a crafty kid so this was a huge deal for her b/c I was sort of trying to keep those stamps for a rainy day.
3. We could watch Frosty the Snowman sometime this morning - thankfully this one seems to have been forgotten :)
4. When I was done cleaning up the kitchen from my cake/frosting making I would sleep with them.
So how did they do on night 1? Well, they went to sleep w/o me in there b/c I left shortly after the promises but Piper woke up at around 5 and went into bed with Matt. Violet slept until 6:50 this morning so a little later than normal but I am not sure what time they finally got to sleep last night. We will see what happens this evening when we do it all over again.


Anonymous Sunday, January 18, 2009  

Happy Birthday Party Day, Violet!
- Grandma & Grandpa

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