Are you a boy??

>> Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First let me start out this post by saying "Ahhh, coffee." Ok, back to my question - are you a boy? That is what I keep asking the babe that is kicking and boxing my belly every day. If you know me I have said this through 2 other pregnancies and was wrong both times but this time I really think it is, I mean I my "Mother's Intuition" has to kick in at some point doesn't it?. A few weeks back I had to report to the lab so that I could take the 3 hour gd test - with the girls in tow. If you haven't had the pleasure of getting to take this particular test (and I hope most of you haven't) you have to fast until the test is over, yep a pregnant mama fasting. My last meal was supper on Wednesday and I was not able to eat again until 11:30 on Thursday - and they wonder why you feel lightheaded. The test results came back normal but for my levels to even be high was odd and I know that every pregnancy is different but I have never had to do that before so there is one reason why I think the little bean is a boy. As I sit here the kid is doing flips in my belly - hello it is only 7 am. Piper was a very calm babe and barely moved, then came Violet who I thought was CRAZY but this one, let's just say that this one wakes me up sometimes at night with all of the break dancing in there. The heartburn is just about ridiculous every night. The other day I had a salad and even that didn't settle well, however, I did eat a hamburger with jalapenos and had NO issues at all :) How bizarre is that - must be a boy. Lastly is an old wives tale, and I know it is just a tale b/c Piper had lower heart beats on the doplar and Violet had high but babe #3 has been low the entire time which from what I understand old wives say is a boy :) A little boy would be good for us though, Matt would get to buy trucks and tough things that our girls aren't really in to so that would be fun and the little one will be forced into wearing beautiful dresses and probably getting his locks styled by our little princesses. Think of a little boy with 3 other women in the house, that is a man that you would want to marry! A few friends of mine that are all done having kiddos offered me their little baby boy clothes so we would be all set right out of the gates. We'll see what happens here in 7 weeks - stay tuned :)


Mrs. Stam Tuesday, January 27, 2009  

We know Harry and I that the girls were girls when I was about 6 weeks preggo yes it was intuition but we were right!

We are not preggo now but wish to be soon and hopefully this time it will be a boy !!!!

Andrea Tuesday, January 27, 2009  

Ohhhh....I'm getting so excited now! :) Only 7 more weeks till find out for sure if you've got a 'lil boy in there. :)

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