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>> Friday, April 11, 2008

After all the (much needed) rain that we had last week I felt that I had to get the girls out to play this week to make up for it, and that we did! We had wheels on our butts for sure this week and yesterday I got a 4 hour nap out of the both of them so I guess they have been having fun too! Today we visited with Leslie, Kyle, and baby Ryan - let me just say it is GORGEOUS out there today in the Carolinas! Violet just doesn't act like a 15 month old she just wants to keep up with the 2 year olds so badly!

Check out her making believe she is riding the tractor - of course she really couldn't do it yet but she loved it when we pressed the "gas" and made her go.

This afternoon when the babes wake up I am taking them to a local nursery to plant over by the play area. I hope that Piper will enjoy doing that with me while baby Violet plays with Daddy tomorrow. Now I have to get off of here and go and try to make a plan on what to plant, Piper will help pick colors but I am not a green thumb so I need to know what kind of plants to look for. Wish us luck! We will post pictures of it when done b/c I know I will be proud and hopefully she will be too.


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