Is it summer yet?

>> Friday, April 18, 2008

Technically no but it is darn close. Sure it may get cool again but I am hoping that the real cold stuff stays away now until winter. The kids were bored today so I dug out the water table that we LOVE over here. Notice the time that I am sitting down writing this blog, the kids have been asleep for a half hour :) Violet's nose is running like crazy, most of the pictures have snot in them b/c of this. I swear she is cutting teeth but I can't figure out which ones.

Then I decided to try and get one of them together, that NEVER works out for me. This picture is is far from being phenomenal but it will get printed out for the fridge b/c I haven't got one of them together since last year! Girls, girls, girls - you're killing me!

I realized that I still haven't taken pictures of the flower bed that I did last week, maybe tomorrow. We are hosting a little playgroup over here so I might have the camera out there by the play area some time or another. All of us girls are missing Daddy :( Love you baby!


Andrea Friday, April 18, 2008  

When does your hubby come back? For weekends? I hope you'll get to see him soon...I know how hard it is to be without Daddy. And I wish it was hot enough here for swimsuits and water's warming up, but not quite that warm yet. ;) Pretty soon though I hope!

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