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>> Thursday, December 27, 2007

EVERYTHING! Matt has been home for the past week on vacation and Piper has turned into a TOTAL Daddy's girl. "I want Daddy to change my diaper", "I want Daddy to put my clothes on me", "I want Daddy to give me my medicine". Ah well, I guess that I should be happy that I am able to do some of the things I am not normally able to do on a daily basis like shower, shave, my hair - you know crazy things like that *wink*

We took Piper on Christmas Eve BACK to the doctor's office b/c she complained again of her ear hurting her and she was on her final day of meds so I figured better safe than sorry - ear infection still there! We are on our last kind of medicine and then off to an ENT - I hope that this medicine takes care of it b/c I would hate for her to have to go and get tubes. Although common, you never want your baby to go through something like this you know?

I asked Piper what she wanted to leave for Santa (b/c he needs a snack too) and she decided on a family favorite - M&M's. We left out 1 M&M for the big guy (my kid is stingy) and off to bed went our babes. Watching Piper's face when she woke up and came into the living room was so cool - Santa ended up getting her a glittery pair of princess shoes and a wand made of ribbon and tulle - lucky girl! Violet has been banging the drum since she laid eyes on it - she has been so much fun this Christmas. Side note on her - she WANTS to walk SO BAD! She tries to pick herself up but falls after a few steps - but she is TRYING which at this age Piper had no interest in, they are such different kids.

We decided to brave the zoo on Wednesday with the girls - they had so much fun there. Matt fed the lorikeets and both him and Piper fed lettuce to the beautiful giraffe that greeted us when we came into his area (I think he was hungry). There are great shots of both in the montage that I put together. We saw the penguins eat and also big male gorilla smiled for the camera and then took a dump for us - class :) The pictures run a little long for any family that wants to see our holiday but if you have about 1 1/2 minutes check it out - some neat shots of Piper playing and from Christmas.

We are getting ready for Violet's birthday and things have been crazy around the house lately - I am hoping to start blogging regularly again after the New Year - happy Thursday!


Andrea Sunday, December 30, 2007  

That is SO funny that Santa only got 1 M&M! haha! I love your Christmas pictures too!

Mrs. Stam Monday, December 31, 2007  

Just want to stop by to wish you Happy new year!!!!!

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