Project 366 - Week 20

>> Monday, May 28, 2012

It was bound to happen. I have had so much on my mind lately and a day slipped by with no pic. So
140/366 - nothing. So bummed with myself :(

Getting serious! @natssentiments I ordered it b/c you have been raving for a long time.

Sometimes it is a little thing that changes your world like my new Enell sports bra for instance. Love!

Decided to play with some makeup.
I don't normally allow this but I was having a "Yes" moment.


I have been to better DMB shows but the group I was with was super fun and it was nice to get to a girls night concert again. Since having babes I don't see shows like I used to and I realize each time I see one how much I miss them. BNL in July? Possibly!

I haven't seen anything this funny in a long time. What a fun little pup!

The first thing to come out of our garden! Yay! It's going to be a good summer.



I wish I had better pics from Violet's preschool graduation but Ruby makes it next to impossible to do much but tell her "No, just sit there" and "Please stop getting up" or "We have to be quiet right now". I will miss it. I will miss it. I will miss it.


Breakfast with my girl. We won't do this again until the fall but I can't wait for summer so I can do it will all 3 girls! Except probably not Panera because it will cost like $20 for all of them to get filled up :)

Boogity Boogity Boogity
Green flag!

Race day

What a fun day at the track. Except we weren't really at the track. We were indoors and not outside baking in our 90+ degree NC day. It was nice :)


Patrice Monday, May 28, 2012  

Looks like a great week!

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