Project 366 - Week 17

>> Sunday, May 6, 2012

From Merlefest. It was such a great bluegrass festival! Seriously if we can swing it I want to bring the fam every year!


It is H.O.T. here this week. Not bad outside if you can take it but indoors at the end of the day it is around 84. Each year we have to do a little fixing on our irrigation and Monday was Matt's day to fix it. The girls always take advantage and run through the "sprinklers" when we put it on in the evenings. We finally turned the air on as well. It will probably go off again though because the high is only 80 next week :)


Piper's peas aren't doing too bad. We aren't having a meal or anything with them and I think that the aphids have finally won the battle I was waging with them. For her it was awesome to see the seeds she planted actually produce.


Most of the zoo loves these spicy black bean burgers. I had to make 3 of them on Wednesday for our lunch. My girlfriend, I believe, has since made black bean burgers from scratch! I might do that some night when the whole family is home if it isn't too difficult but I do love Morningstar in my freezer for a quick lunch ♥

Stop the presses Violet lost a tooth Thursday night! Wasn't she just getting them in?

Mother's Day Tea. Love my @mohopshoes!

It was also the preschool's Mother's Day Tea. I got to wear my MoHop Shoes that I won last year. These shoes are adorable AND so very comfortable. I am going to find ways to wear them often this summer.

Crazy. Beautiful. Entertaining. Friday nights at our house are so much fun!

Afternoon with the arts

Super fun day! Went to a play downtown. The Elves and The Shoemaker. It was a bunch of teens that put it on and it was so great! My girls sat still through the whole thing! Totally looking into one hour(ish) long plays in the future!

The art patrons
and the girls afterwards. One word. Hungry.


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