Project 366 - Week 18

>> Monday, May 14, 2012


Cooked out yummy hamburgers, brats, and dogs on Sunday with friends. The girls swam in the still quite cold lake :) Oh to be young again.


I almost thought about buying this. Almost. Hubs asked me if I was going to agree to go snowboarding if I did. Nope. I moved away from snow and I like my bones unbroken thank you.


Voting day. With such an important amendment on the books I am sad that there was not more of a turnout. Unfortunate NC, unfortunate.

Voting outfit <3

The whole outfit. Found those Hanna clogs at Goodwill and baby girl hasn't taken them off since. They are only 2 sizes too big but you wouldn't know it if you saw her running in them. They are adorable!


My girls have wished and wished and wished for one of these ever since we bought that swing set. They aren't cheap though. Unless you find one at Goodwill! Score - $4.99! They played on it for hours Saturday!


I don't NEED bread. I don't NEED bread. I don't NEED bread. To be honest my double jalapeno guacamole was delicious with the hamburger I grilled for lunch on Thursday. Check out our little clown in the background. I smile a lot during the day. I yell a lot too but I smile more ♥


Mother's Day Tea at Piper's school. My shy girl had the hardest time getting up there and speaking in front of a room full of kids/moms. She did so great. So proud of her! It cracks me up that she used my full name since no one ever calls me that - except doctors I guess.

Chop Choo Thank You @chuggington!
Who doesn't love this show? I won this hat and Rhubarb won't take it off! How cute is our littlest train conductor? Choo Choo!


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