Training Wheels? Who needs them?

>> Friday, April 9, 2010

Not Piper anymore! Woot! Our little girl finally had the courage to do it on her own! I have tried a few other times but she did not have the confidence when I let go that she had today. I am so proud of her and thanks to modern technology everyone else can be too :)

Yay Piper!! Never forgetting the other girls I got them in on the video too. Yes, I was holding back a small laugh when Violet fell b/c she falls all the time and I am mean :)


Unknown Friday, April 09, 2010  

Way to go Piper! I love these big accomplishments! Have fun!

Rachael Friday, April 09, 2010  

Yeah Piper! Congratulations on no more training wheels!

Kimberly Saturday, April 10, 2010  

Wooot! Go Piper! Gosh Jessie, your girls are so precious. Every single one of them. What a lucky woman you are. :)

A Monday, April 12, 2010  

Way to go P! How exciting! I can't believe she is old enough to ride a bike without training wheels! Where has the time gone?!

Joey Lynn Resciniti Wednesday, April 14, 2010  

Wow! We're still waiting to ditch the training wheels! Congratulations - what a big kid she is now!

Shelly at Aperture of My Eye Friday, April 16, 2010  

Great accomplishment!! Thanks so much for posting. I will definitely show this to my daughter Emily. She rarely rode her bike until just recently and her confidence is definitely low when I mention taking off the training wheels. Her bike is too small for her now, so I told her she can get a new bike when she learns to ride w/out the trainers.

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