Team Up Thursday - E is for Easter

>> Thursday, April 8, 2010

Angie and I decided to go with a letter theme this week and what better letter than "E". Tons of inspiration right? I didn't even get a shot of my kids "E"aster baskets before they tore into them lol :) How cute is Angie's dog Sparky? This shot reminds me of the many I have of our dogs dressed up for the holidays and the look on their face matches too :) He is eyeing Piper's egg. Who will get to the nickels first? Our girls got a kick out of finding change filled eggs. Into the pigs it went. Why not the standard Easter goodies? Well, the last thing I need is more chocolate around this house :)

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HipMomma Thursday, April 08, 2010  

I love the money idea. And even though we as adults find coins annoying sometime the kids love it! Great Easter Egg shot. Love how you got down low for the way cool angel. Great job, team.

Rachael Thursday, April 08, 2010  

How funny, Jeff & I were just talking about next year putting coins in the eggs instead of so much candy. Olivia only found 8 or so eggs and we have a bowl full. Cute picture of the puppy!

Megan Thursday, April 08, 2010  

sparky's face is cracking me up:). i tried to get an egg in the grass shot like that -- yours turned out much better. this is a wonderful easter duo!

Cara Thursday, April 08, 2010  

I love how the ears and the egg are the same color, beautiful pair.
My boys got eggs with coins and with paper money. My oldest didn't want the paper money just the coins.

Corey~living and loving Thursday, April 08, 2010  

great set! funny that you both have blue things in the shots. and grass.

Joey Lynn Resciniti Thursday, April 08, 2010  

That is a great idea to put money in the eggs. I put written clues in that lead to the basket. This year Easter bunny brought early reader books. Such a smart bunny!

Killlashandra Thursday, April 08, 2010  

Love the Easter shots. Your soft sunlight on the grass with the egg off center is a great shot. Nice composition. :) And the ears are just too cute.

Joanna Thursday, April 08, 2010  

Great bokeh behind the egg. I too love the low down angle you captured it at. And Sparky? Priceless! :0)

Kimberly Saturday, April 10, 2010  

What a crazy wonderful theme! I'm sooo stealing that. ;) And I love, love, love the little orb like bokeh in your shot. Beautiful!

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