Preschool for Piper

>> Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What started out as a great idea back in the spring is leaving me feeling empty today. Piper will be leaving for kindergarden next year so we thought it would be a good idea to send her to preschool this year to get her used to a school setting. Probably a month ago I started having regrets about our decision. Problem is she is so darned excited to go! This summer we let her attend VBS for a week and she loved it. Now this over protective mama needs to let her spread her wings a little bit. I know she will have fun and the school is fabulous and it is only 3 days a week - see still talking myself into driving her there :)

and this is the face of a girl who isn't looking back - full steam ahead!

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KarieK Wednesday, September 09, 2009  

Awe!!! She looks so excited. It's so scary to send them off. I remember sending my oldest to preschool for four days even for a few hours and it was so hard. But he loved it. Still hard now with him in all day kindergarten. But at the end of the day he is so excited to see everyone and so happy. Warms the heart!

Good job mama!! *hugs

Kimberly Wednesday, September 09, 2009  

She looks ready to take on the world! Today was "our" first day of preschool too. It was hard, and my little guy did better than I did. :)

Hanna Friday, September 11, 2009  

Yeah Piper! Yeah Mama! It's hard but you have to let her do her thing a little bit. They get more and more independent every year. We took Emma for her preschool open house earlier this week - she starts next week. She had a blast when we were there but still says she doesn't want to go ... SHE's GOING! It's so good for them. There were 2 kids in Maggie's kindergarten class last year that had never gone to preschool and they literally cried every morning every day through over 1/2 of the school year. If I hadn't made my mind up by then that pre-school is a very, very good idea, I would have when I saw all of those tears rolling. I'm sure she'll LOVE it! Hang in there. As much as you hate to let her go, you'll love to hear all of the stories she has to tell you at the end of her day. BTW, my 1st grader made sure to say "Now Mom, I hope you don't think you're walking me in to school toay" on her 1st day! See - only gets better! :)

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