Pass the chips please

>> Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not quite yet but she will be saying that soon! I love avocado as our babes first food. Normally we don't start the kiddos so early on solids but Ruby stares longingly while we eat so I thought "What the heck, let's try". Of course I waited until Daddy could join us and share the experience. Here is how it went.

"Matt can you go out and get the booster from the garage" he comes in w/a booster "Nope that is the wrong one the other booster" him, grumbling under his breath at me for having 3 booster seats (is that excessive or just well prepared?). While he was getting the booster set up I mixed up the avocado and milk.

Big girl!

What's this???


That was seriously good stuff!!!

Maybe she can have more at supper. Yet another milestone under our belts, woo hoo Ruby!!


Andrea Sunday, September 27, 2009  

That's awesome! Yay! I love avocado for my kids first food too...they liked it at first but both of them when they got older decided it was pretty much the grossest thing they'd ever tasted and would gag on it! huh! They are the least un-picky eaters I know...except when it comes to avocado! Oh well. :) Way to go Ruby!

Kelly Sunday, September 27, 2009  

I love their faces when they try foods for the first time. It's usually a cross between yeah and yikes at the same time!

Kimberly Monday, September 28, 2009  

This is absolutely one of the joys of having a new baby in the house. Getting to experience everything new and for the first time again.

I love her expression in the second photo. It's like she's completely confused about what's going on in her mouth. :)

Anonymous Monday, September 28, 2009  

What a big girl! I love her toes in the first picture!

I can't wait for her and Olivia to play together at Thanksgiving :-)

Staci A Tuesday, September 29, 2009  

Awww! I love how much expression you captured. Absolutely adorable shots. Looks like it was good stuff.

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