A few days in Hotlanta

>> Monday, September 7, 2009

Matt had to work in Atlanta this past weekend and when he does I usually pack us up and join him. This time though it was very last minute as we didn't think we were going to be able to go along but it all worked out at the end. We headed down on Thursday night and what a treat for mama - I didn't have to drive! The cutest thing was Violet telling everyone we saw while there or on our way there that we were going to "Hotlanta" - LOVE IT and the folks from there got a huge kick out of her :)

Friday we spent the morning with Matt and had breakfast and then the girls and I headed to an outlet mall. I know what you are thinking, "I'll bet that they had fun there" but we did! We had a mission to find them bedding for their new beds (which we will get this week) and although we didn't find them any it was still a fun girls day and I let them play at the playground 3 times to break up the stores we went to. We actually only went to about 4 stores total but spent time in each of them. Hit that fabulous Atlanta traffic on our way back to the hotel room but kicked back to some yummy Mexican and a margarita with daddy when we got back. It was right next door so we walked, the girls love to walk places now - hilarious!

Saturday was our zoo day. What was I thinking? Labor Day weekend and the zoo, hmmm... What I should have been thinking was that it would have been better to do it on Friday and shop Saturday but I wanted to have the whole day for the zoo. We did have fun even with the crowds. The animals were all out and having a good day. A lemur came running from the other side of the cage to where the girls and I were standing and hung out there for a bit. They asked me to take these pictures of them but when I started to they wouldn't look or smile.

Sunday on our way home we detoured off the highway to visit a little store North of the city. The American Girl Store. As expected our oldest daughter was in doll heaven. Piper thought she might want to ask Santa for one this year for Christmas and now she is certain. She has it narrowed down between 2 - now which will she choose? Decisions, decisions :) Violet, our finally potty trained big girl, who always wanted a scooter when she was fully potty trained asked for a baby instead. We agreed and now she is the proud owner of a new baby - she is currently deciding on a name :)

Now we are home, Matt is back at work today (isn't it Labor Day you ask?), and the girls and I are going to get laundry done and get our lives semi back to reality.


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