Preschool for Piper - Week 2

>> Monday, September 14, 2009

I am really not sure when it will get easier for me to drop my baby off at preschool. It has to happen eventually right? She looks shyly at me as they unbuckle her and I tell her I love her and off she goes. 3 hours later she is full of stories of what she had done that day. Yet I am still so sad when I drop her off - why?

Piper starts back with dance again tomorrow night. Violet will start back to her "ballerina" class at a local gym Wednesday night. She will get to join Piper in ballet when she turns 3 but is happy for now to return to the fun, fun, fun class she knows and loves. Last week, as usual, the girls played in their "ballerina" outfits so with Ruby sleeping I started snapping. I may put one of these up in their room (which is ALMOST DONE!!!)



Kelly Wednesday, September 23, 2009  

Oh my gosh they are sooooo cute! I hope my girls play and enjoy some of the same things when they are older. Right now they are complete opposites! Your girls seem to really enjoy each other.(although I'm sure their are days) :)

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