A Princess and her feel frog

>> Sunday, March 15, 2009

I am HORRIBLE at the kiddo's baby books so Matt asked me to post about something near and dear to our youngest daughter's heart - her frogs.

She is a total princess and plays dress up constantly. We get to watch shows where she dazzles us with her ballerina "moves". How funny is it that Violet also love's frogs and lizards - where she got any of that I am not sure :) I think that she might have gotten her first plastic frog at Halloween but I can't be sure b/c honestly we have that much stuff. Anyway, we have regular plastic frogs but then we have 2 squishy frogs and Violet lovingly refers to those 2 (her favorite btw) as her feel frogs. We must find these frogs at least 5 times a day b/c a 2 year old has the tendency to set them down and not remember where she puts them. It is like the lost blanket all over again only about 1/100th the size. The frogs must get placed next to her bed at night and when we leave the house she likes them in her pockets. I love when kids find their pockets and love even more finding out what they choose to put in them. The other day Violet and I left by ourselves for errands and she packed her purse with frogs and lizards. Will we get her a live one in the near future? Not sure at the moment but it is a possibility - that might be cool for her. Now we have a herpetologist to go a long with our little geologist that reside at the zoo :)


Andrea Sunday, March 15, 2009  

That is super cute! My bro and I used to catch frogs all the time when we were little...we'd keep them in a pail and kill flies in order to feed them...however, I don't think they ever ate our flies! Guess they like them live or something. :)

Kelly Tuesday, March 17, 2009  

That is too cute. My daughter is totally into the princess thing too but last summer her cousin gave her a plastic fishing worm. She carries that silly thing around all the time too. So funny!

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