They did it!!!

>> Monday, March 9, 2009

Yesterday morning Matt asked Piper what it would take for her to stay in her room ALL night by herself - more stuffed animals in bed was the answer. So, last night she took probably 10 extra stuffed animals into bed to keep her and Violet company. Piper woke up 3 times. She whimpered and cried but it wasn't the full on cry that wakes up Violet so we figured she was pretty tired out from our big day yesterday and we left her and just kept telling her we were right across the hall. The last time though she told Matt that she didn't think that the extra animals were going to do it - so darn funny! Anyway, that was the last time she woke up until this morning at 5:30! I am so proud of her and have been telling her so all morning. We promised them a very special treat when they both stayed in the room all night so this morning they each got a Sleeping Beauty barbie and haven't put them down. Will this trend continue? I am not sure but I will say that hopefully each night will get easier from here on out *fingers crossed*.

I swear Violet smiles on occasion just never when there is a camera around :)


Anonymous Monday, March 09, 2009  

Yeah!!! They finally got the reward :)

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