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>> Saturday, November 8, 2008

Well maybe not we as in the whole family but the girls and I are anyway. Matt doesn't really have as much fun dressing the dogs (Mabel) up as we do, could be a girl thing. This morning I had to take Piper to a make up ballerina class b/c we missed hers on Thursday. Last night something bit her 4 times on the arm and she was scratching at it pretty good so I decided to stop by Target for some cream. As we were walking to the aisle I happened to notice that their Halloween stuff was 90% off - yes 90%! How could I not take a quick look at what was left? Last year I got the kids a few dress up items for under $2. It was pretty picked over but I did manage a princess outfit and found this mouse costume for $1.69 - how cute is Piper giving me a mouse pose?

Amongst the kids and adult costumes were dog costumes. I love, love, love dog costumes and at $.99 each decided on 3 - I could have got more but I wanted to save some for other dog dresser uppers like us :) Here is our Mabel modeling them, she is used to wearing costumes but that doesn't stop her from looking at me like "Why are you doing this to me again? Is there a treat involved?" and there was :)

She was totally done by this point.

Now to choose which one to use next year for Trick or Treating! OK, Halloween is officially over at The Zoo!


Anonymous Saturday, November 08, 2008  

That poor dog!!! ;)

Andrea Saturday, November 08, 2008  

haha....those dog costumes are too funny! i love them! I didn't even know they made costumes like that for dogs. The pig is my fav! :)

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