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>> Monday, November 10, 2008

That is a saying at our house, do you know what it is from? It is from The Emperor's New Groove and Kuzko says it. Our Violet unfortunately has 2 left feet and falls all the time, it is quite funny when Piper says it to her but it sort of gets her not to cry right away unless she is really hurt. She almost always has a bruise in the middle of her forehead, poor thing :( I am not sure what the mark is that you can see in this picture but about 1/2 hour before this shot was taken she fell off the kitchen chair while coloring so I will have to see what will appear this afternoon from that spill. Yesterday Matt told me that I was turning into an old woman (which I knew btw) b/c they were running around the house and I yelled at them to not run in the kitchen b/c of our very hard, very unforgiving tile floor that is in there. We already have a chipped tooth and numerous bruises from it and I just don't want to see both girls with more - where is that magical bubble that I can put them in? I picked this set of pj's for V purposely last night and Matt didn't catch why, or if he did he probably silently rolled his eyes at me. Yesterday he was cutting down our flower garden and I asked him if maybe we could start putting up Christmas decorations - he didn't go for that.

Not to forget our Piper who was gracious enough to come and sit for me this morning while I tried again unsuccessfully to get a good shot from my camera in manual - this one is auto. I struggle with this and I am not sure why but I will keep trying - ok to be honest I am only probably 1/2 trying. Maybe I would surprise myself if I actually read the entire manual and not just skimmed it :)


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