Gotta love the rain

>> Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It is a cold rainy day today but I am ok with that. Our area still is in such a horrible drought that this steady rain that we are getting is a blessing. Piper heard her first thunderstorm this morning and experienced lightning paired with a short power outage. She has been around for other storms but didn't really know or ask what was going on, today she did. I am very thankful to the rain today for yet another reason though. We have had a mild winter so the dogs spend more time outside than in previous years - they just love sunning themselves on our deck. Today however they were inside when I noticed a visitor to the zoo's yard...

I have seen them in the area but never in our yard! How grateful am I that the chihuahua and maltese were safely sleeping on the couch? My gosh, that would have been heartbreaking if he would have got to them. So thank you Mother Nature - I owe you one!


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