52 Weeks of Me - SOOC (36/52)

>> Sunday, September 4, 2011

Agh! How hard was this to do? Not screw around with my shot :) I must remember to take it outside next time but by the time I realized I forgot to do my selfie it was 2 pm on Sunday. Sorry gals I am getting later and later with my posts.


I did size it for the web though but didn't touch it otherwise. Again, so.hard.not.to.do! Please add your selfie to our flickr pool so we can all check them out in 1 place. Next week is Emotions/Expressions.


Corey~living and loving Monday, September 05, 2011  

I think you look beautiful. ♥ I haven't taken a shot this week....eeekkkkk. I know...I'm bad. I was so creative last week...and just fell off the wagon this week. I'll do it tomorrow. I will.

Cara Monday, September 05, 2011  

I love how you have the dark background. Do you use a backdrop???

Jen Thursday, September 08, 2011  

I think your photos always look so dramatic with the dark background. I agree with Corey. You look beautiful!!

Marcelle Monday, September 12, 2011  

Love this photo of you....

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