>> Friday, February 20, 2009

I've been sick, flu sick. Piper was sick with me yesterday, we are a pathetic combo :) My post today isn't really about anything in particular but it what has been going on for the past few days.

This past Sunday after a birthday party that we went to we saw this in the sky.

Matt and I made bets on where it was - we were both wrong :) The fire department was doing a controlled burn on an old McDonald's that they are replacing. Can you believe how close they are allowing people to stand? We opened the windows from the opposite side of the street and the heat that we felt way over there was incredible, I can't imagine standing right next to it!

I have a really bad addiction to wool. I have tried my hand at knitting several times but it never turns out very good. We have tons of girlie wool but not a bunch of the gender neutral stuff - so here is what has come to live with us this week. The monster booty are the babe's "going home" outfit whether it is a boy or girl. I thought that the dipes that I had bought would come in today but I guess I will have to wait for them until tomorrow - something to look forward to :)

And finally, the runny nose on the baby tells me that I have something else to look forward to this weekend. I just can't get over how Violet has the EXACT SAME eyebrows as her Daddy. It is seriously crazy! If he will let me get a close up of him in the near future I will show the comparison shot.


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