The Day after Christmas

>> Saturday, December 27, 2008

What did we do? Went to the zoo b/c I our girls love it so much. They slept perfectly on our ride down so Matt and I actually got to listen to a radio station of our choice for once :) We went through areas where it was raining so that worried me a little bit but once we got down there it was a great day. Our kids were probably the most bundled up but they didn't complain of being either hot or cold and let me tell you some of those other kids looked cold. Every time we would see a statue Piper would want her picture taken with it but then when we would get out the camera she wouldn't look *insert eye roll here*

and a rare shot of Piper and I - sorry to the babe in my belly but Jessie and pregnant don't go real well together :(

We did make it back for the light show but by that time it had started to rain a little harder. We managed to roast some marshmallows and ride the merry go round AGAIN before heading for home. Next year we might skip the light show b/c it was a little much for us to leave and then come back but otherwise it was a perfect day.


Mrs. Stam Saturday, December 27, 2008  

you guy look great!!! look like you all had a good day!

Andrea Saturday, December 27, 2008  

How fun. I'm definitely hoping to take Tate & Emily to the zoo this summer...but we will see. look great...despite that baby in your belly. :)

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