Wordless Wednesday - SHARK!!!

>> Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not so wordless but I have to say a little bit of why my babe is holding a shark :)

The very last morning of our trip we packed our stuff, ate breakfast, and headed out to build just 1 more volcano and maybe find just 1 more shark tooth. What we found on the beach that morning both freaked me out and fascinated me - 2 sharks. They were small sharks and both were dead but sharks non the less. We still don't know if they were caught or just got in the wrong place at the wrong time when the tide came in. That morning I DID have my camera and decided to let our 21 month old hold 1. I held it too but that is way less interesting right and Piper well she had no interest.


Anonymous Wednesday, October 08, 2008  

OH! How sweet is that? And I LOVE the bandaids on her little legs! She's a cutie!

Mrs. Stam Wednesday, October 08, 2008  

wow that is a brave little girls holding a shark so young!!!!

Anonymous Wednesday, October 08, 2008  

Love the pics - especially the band aids!

Michelle Wednesday, October 08, 2008  

oh, how cute! She is adorable! now the shark on the other hand ~ not so much!!

Elle Bee Wednesday, October 08, 2008  

Love her name. Love the bathing suit. Wish I was at the beach...

Anonymous Friday, October 10, 2008  

So not suprised Violet held the shark, the litle dare devil. She's too cute as always.

Drea Tuesday, October 14, 2008  

she is just adorable!! Calebs scared to death of the ocean. we're 1 1/2 hr from nagshead and he hates it. so sad...

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