Grosgrain mini store opening November 6 (!!!) and big preview giveaway!!

>> Saturday, October 25, 2008

I have a sickness for buying little girls clothing :) Normally I am good and buy from the thrift stores or consignment shops but then along comes something that I don't think my girls can live without and I have to have it!! I save and then it is mine :) Kathleen at Grosgrain is opening one of those shops that will be dangerous for me to shop in b/c I will want to buy it all!! For the mamas of girls check out what she has on her blog and check back again on Nov. 6 and see her store and buy stuff - so it won't all be sitting there tempting me :) What could make it better yet??? Grosgrain is having an awesome skirt giveaway to celebrate the store opening- check it out!!!


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