Sesame Street Live and Trader Joes - all in 1 day!

>> Sunday, October 21, 2007

Too much excitement around the house when that is the highlight of our day huh? While trying to decide what to do with the familia on Saturday (Matt had a RARE Saturday off) we tossed around a few ideas and Sesame Street Live won. Some friends had gone on Friday and talked about how much fun their kiddos had so we said let's do it! We weren't sure that we were going to make it on time because of the ever present backed up traffic on Hwy 77 that we didn't think would be there on a Saturday morning but was. We got there (barely) on time and I had to quick nurse Violet so that she would make it through the show so we walked in, found our seats, and an announcement said the show would begin in 3 minutes - perfect! I had asked to bring a camera to the show but Matt said they weren't allowed, seriously we were the only family without one there. Now, I guess that I am glad that he will teach the girls to listen to the rules but I really wanted a picture! Piper had a ball dancing with the characters and even Violet was enjoying herself. I had her in our Rockin Baby ring sling because I wasn't sure what she would think of dancing furry creatures. By intermission though both girls had enough. We got them up and walked around a bit, then decided to look for the cool Elmo lightchaser that all of the kiddos were playing with during the show and they were $15 - needless to say that didn't come home with us. We stayed until the final number but left while it was still being sung. Piper had taken to standing on the chairs, trying to suck on the rails, eating snacks, drinking water - you know everything BUT watching the show. I can't say that we were alone though, some kids were at this time having complete meltdowns so boredom was ok with me. Will I try again? Maybe next year if The Wiggles come because even Mommy likes them :)

After we left there we grabbed some lunch and headed to Trader Joes. It just opened in our area (actually almost an hour from our house but we were in the area so...) and I hadn't been to one since we lived in SoCal. I used to shop there quite a bit for normal groceries and still would if I were closer but after going through the entire (packed with people) store I can't really remember why I thought it was so awesome back in CA. I, of course, picked up some wine and got the girls some bars but will I travel the hour back there soon - probably not unless after drinking this wine I find that I love it more than my Barefoot that I have been getting at BJ's. If you remember the draw and decide to comment PLEASE refresh my memory as it has been over 8 years since I last stepped foot in one. It was SOOO crowded and Piper was REALLY ready for a nap so I didn't get to browse so maybe I am missing something.

No pictures today (hee hee LOVE YOU BABY) but maybe I will later as I think today is the day we are going to pick up our pumpkins - woohoo PUMPKIN SEEDS tonight!


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