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>> Friday, October 26, 2007

So Halloween is RIGHT around the corner, is everyone ready? We don't have trick or treaters at our house but we will probably bring the girls to a few of our neighbors homes. Their costumes aren't done yet, I have no treats, and the house is barely decorated - see what happens when the entire family gets sick? Actually I have turned into a HUGE procrastinator since having the kids. I think that I will be able to do things during their naps but instead I spend my time quickly cleaning up the house so that I can get online for a few minutes or just skippng the house altogether and surfing or blogging. Every few weeks I won't go online at all for a few days just to try and catch up - thank goodness I am not also addicted to the TV!

My poor husband had to go to the doctor on Wednesday and they think that he has bursitis, look at his elbow - it is crazy how swollen it was. By Thursday night though it had gone down a little bit so the meds are at least working and he doesn't have to get it drained - gross, gross, gross!

We had a rare treat and our dear friend Earl actually came over for supper the other night. The girls had a blast playing with him and it was nice for Matt and I to get to catch up with him again. He aces us all the time so I had to post that for once he made it *wink*!

Oh, and thank you Mother Nature - we are loving the rain the past 3 days here in the Southeast! I can just hear the trees and grass soaking it up! Nothing like a good drink after a long 3 months in the sun huh? Keep it coming!

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