I heart faces - Scenic Black & White

>> Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I took this picture of my girlfriend Rachael and her husband a few weeks ago. Every time that I look at it I smile. I decided to try and turn it into a b&w for this weeks challenge and I like the result. Wish it were more scenic but trees are sort of a go to scenic background right?


Rockin' Rowes Tuesday, November 30, 2010  

Love it!

Michelle G Tuesday, November 30, 2010  

It's beautiful - it draws your eyes from the adorable couple to the two lit spaces on either side of the tree...then to the one tree in the middle. Perfect for "two shall be one" theme :)
Makes ya smile :)

Anonymous Tuesday, November 30, 2010  

Love the light coming through the trees

Mrs. Stam Tuesday, November 30, 2010  

Wow this is gorgeous!!!

Lisa H Tuesday, November 30, 2010  

Stunning, amazing light and connection!

Kimberly Tuesday, November 30, 2010  

You know, you have such a distinctive style of shooting and it shines through in this (spectacular) photo. And I'm glad to hear that you've had a smile on your face. I've been thinking of you.

Rachael Tuesday, November 30, 2010  

How lucky am I to have this awesome photo. I think I like it even better in black and white, thanks again!!

Cara Tuesday, November 30, 2010  

I love the light and you can tell they really are into each other. Great shot!

A Wednesday, December 01, 2010  

Wow! What a beautiful shot!! Great job, Jessie. I'd love to see the others :)

Michelle @Flying Giggles Thursday, December 02, 2010  

Wow, that is an amazing and magical photo!

Buckeroomama Friday, December 03, 2010  

The light on them is so magical! :)

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