>> Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Last night I was putting Piper down to bed and we were talking.
"I just love kissing you mama"
"I love kissing you too Piper"
"I am going to kiss you every day. EVEN when I get older I am going to kiss you every day"
Oh gosh, I hope so!
"That makes me very happy baby"
Out of the blue from Violet
"I will hug you"
LOL! Such different little girls.

"Smile Piper"
"Please Smile Piper"
"You know you want to"
"Fine, just look this way"


Mrs. Stam Tuesday, May 04, 2010  

Your kids are just adorable!!!

Unknown Tuesday, May 04, 2010  

so sweet!

Staci A Tuesday, May 04, 2010  

Aww, very sweet!

Kimberly Tuesday, May 04, 2010  

Gosh, that's the sweetest. Sometimes that is the hardest thing about having a kid with Autism. Not having those kinds of conversations. It's coming along, though I suspect it will likely go more along the lines that it did today while the delivery guys were here. "I'll keep you safe Mommy" he said to me as he wielded a cardboard tube. ;)

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