>> Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Someone is turning 40 next week. I knew if I mentioned doing anything for it he would say no so I threw him a little surprise party. It was sort of a bummer I couldn't let the girls in on the whole thing but lets face it they couldn't keep a secret. They were as surprised as hubs! Now they want surprise birthday parties as well :)

As we were walking in he kept saying "Don't go in there, there is a party in there" - Um yeah, yours.

It was such a fun time catching up with friends, some that we haven't seen in a long time! Now that many of us have kids it was neat seeing them all hanging out and playing together. Good friends, pizza, beer, and cake. Doesn't that sound like a perfect night?

I had issues with the frosting. I decided to crush oreos in the food processor so that we all wouldn't end up with black teeth. What I didn't foresee was that the cookies would keep clogging up my tips while I was trying to pipe the frosting out. It doesn't look horrible but it doesn't look really good either. The frosting with oreos was rather tasty though.

Finally the family. The girls were still on a HUGE sugar rush from the cupcakes and it took quite a little while to calm them down when we got home. They were wearing different clothes when I left the house as well. When I saw them get out of the truck with Piper's hair all messed up and mismatched clothes and Violet's hair snarled b/c she was probably trying to brush do it herself I almost said something but then just decided it didn't matter. We just will never be that perfect put together family.

Because I didn't have the camera in my own hands at all I didn't get pictures of all of our guests so I will put what I have on Facebook and tag those that I have. They will love it I am sure :)

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Joey Lynn Resciniti Wednesday, May 26, 2010  

Happy Birthday to hubs! Is 40 really the time for black already???

I thought 40 was the new 30 which would make 30 (I'm about to turn 30 so be gentle) the new 20!

Emily D. Wednesday, May 26, 2010  

Happy Early Birthday Matt!!

Stacy Uncorked Wednesday, May 26, 2010  

Happy Birthday to your hubby! The cake turned out great! You have a beautiful family! :)

WW:  Princess Nagger Goes to the Zoo

Kimberly Wednesday, May 26, 2010  

You are the coolest wife ever! A surprise party, a homemade cake (that looks delish) and balloons too? Happy Birthday Matt!

Jennifer Wednesday, May 26, 2010  

I asked my husband, "do you want a surprise party for your birthday?" His response was that he didn't care as long as he didn't have to do anything about it.

Staci A Wednesday, May 26, 2010  

Happy birthday to him! It looks like a great party, and the cake looks so yummy!

Denise Wednesday, June 30, 2010  

what a great picture of a beautiful family!!

Denise Wednesday, June 30, 2010  

what a great picture of a beautiful family!

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