Beans beans the musical fruit...

>> Friday, May 7, 2010

well you know the rest. Ruby's version of our Cinco de Mayo celebration in pictures.

Which bean to pick next, hmmm...

and a kiss for "bessert"

I could have titled this 'Ruby loves beans' b/c she does. I could serve these black beauties up every night and there would be no complaining from her or her sisters. If only I knew 365 recipes of black beans.


Mrs. Stam Friday, May 07, 2010  

wow those pictures look amazing! I love all her faces!!! and yes beans are a huge hits in this house!

Unknown Friday, May 07, 2010  

Man, I wish my little guy would eat beans like that! I guess he takes after me though since I do not like them! Cute pictures, Happy Mother's Day!

Joanna Friday, May 07, 2010  

What fantastic shots. I love the storyboard with all of her different expressions. Its hard to let happen sometimes, but kids are the best when they are messy! :0)

Cara Friday, May 07, 2010  

My oldest is like this about borlotti beans, I think they are called Cranberry beans as well. My MIL cooks them with pasta and you put fresh cracked pepper on them an they are delicious.
I love the series of her facial expression! Too cute.

Kelly Sunday, May 09, 2010  

Amazing she tasted any of it by how much she's wearing :-) Too cute!

Unknown Monday, May 10, 2010  

great pics jess!

Michelle @Flying Giggles Tuesday, May 11, 2010  

Love those photos!

Aiyana also loves black beans, Chloe does not like any type of beans. I think beans are the only food she will not eat.

Joey Lynn Resciniti Wednesday, May 12, 2010  

It's amazing how eating turns into such a face smearing event! Very cute pictures - I wish my daughter would taste even one bean.

Kimberly Friday, May 14, 2010  

Look at her sweet expressions. :) And what a good girl eating her beans!

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