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>> Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wiggles!! That is right, today was the big concert. We got the girls all psyched up this morning for this afternoon's concert. You know, I am not the biggest fan of the kiddie music but these guys put on quite the show. I swear Anthony and Ben's energy was bottomless - they were go, go, go the entire time. We got ticket's with some friends and all kids had a blast! Here are a few pictures, btw I totally need to save up for a decent point & click b/c my cheapie camera is horrible (but it was free sooo....). Piper loved that they had ballerinas in the beginning.

To me it looks like they have as much fun doing the show as we all did watching, it was actually very entertaining for kids and adults.

Who can forget Dorothy - Piper's favorite!!!!

and last is our souvenirs - tell me these girls are not totally the cutest things you have seen today, besides your own kiddos :) It might be hard to see what they are wearing but they are Dorothy the Dinosaur tails - hilarious!!


Anonymous Thursday, October 09, 2008  

so sad that i instantly knew those were "dorothy the dinosaur's tail" (and now the dorothy themesong is playing in my head)...

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