Bye bye flu bug (hopefully)

>> Saturday, May 31, 2008

At least everyone is starting to feel better after the bug that has gone through the house. Talking to Matt today though I think that it is his turn so he might be laying around a lot tomorrow - that is ok though b/c rain is in the forecast so it might be nice to have a lazy movie day for us all. We ended up bringing just the twin mattress upstairs and putting that next to the wall and then shoving the king up against it. Piper has her own space still but is right by us which I like especially with her being ill and also her figuring out that she needs to go potty sometimes in the middle of the night too :)

We hit the farmer's market this morning and got some yummy organic strawberries from a local farm that I *heart*! We also got some onions b/c I could eat them like apples lately, I am sure that my husband enjoys my breath but hey he isn't home much and the girls don't care (yet) :) After that we went to CVS - whee!! I got 2 birthday cards, a sympathy card, toothpaste, tums quick pak, and lotion for $3.30 out of pocket!! Want to know how I did it? Check out the button in my sidebar - the ladies and gents on A Full Cup are genius and by reading up I have learned how to also score some bargains - yeah me!

Off to play with the girlies and then put them down for their naps so that I can clean the house before Matt gets home - have a great weekend!


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