The case of the missing lovey

>> Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I wasn't able to take the girls for a walk yesterday b/c we were busy doing other things so last night after we got back from the grocery store and I remembered we had a movie due back I thought it would be a good idea to walk to the movie store. It was about 6:50 pm when we left the house which is just about the girl's bedtime so I decided to give Violet her blanket to take with us. What was I thinking? We returned the movie and visited a new ice cream shop that just opened. Just when we sat down to eat I noticed the missing blanket - panic hit b/c all I saw was a fussy babe all night long without her lovey. We retraced our tracks but found nothing. Sigh. By the time I put the girls down it was after 9 so they fell right to sleep and then I got back up to make signs. Matt found this very humorous that I would make a sign that said "lost purple blanket xxx-xxx-xxxx thanks" He hung them at every main intersection for me though (thank you thank you thank you). Last night we had a troubled babe so today I was going to try and replace the blanket but now I don't have to! That's right, our signs worked and a very nice lady called today telling me that they found our blanket last night and brought it into their home which is why we couldn't find it! Yeah!


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